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Saturday, September 29, 2007

Affiliate business - New Business Ideas for Travel and Expariate Living

After living around Asia for more then 7 years now, not going back to germany and not really planning to go back there for stay, owning many own businesses to earn money, i want to try something new now.

No export, no shopping, no worry, no stress. ok, i relaxed a lot too, in goa, anjuna, armabol, thailand, koh phangan, vang vieng, bali and gilli trawangan. but now a little bit working time again.

Yes, being a yoga teacher was my idea, but thats for myself, not for making big money.

And i need some more money to be able to go back to JAPAN, tired of thailand, laos, indonesia, burma, cambodia, india, china and nepal already. need a simple developed country but with no worry about money.

how much do i need?

staying for 1 month in tokyo i realised that i need at least 1000 us dollar just to survive there.

thats the 3-months target from now on, planned to grow it to 5000 dollar/month after a 12 months period.

how can i do it without breaking into the bank or rob old grandmas or grow a field of marihuana?

lets jump back on the internet hype train, i remember i studied it before at university and i had some income generating websites, but this is some time ago....but now restart again everything.

i got some lan connection in my walai house botique guesthouse *250 bath/night, too much for chiang mai, thailand, but with the fast internet connection inside the room and my japanese second hand laptop its great. but not for long anymore, on monday i gonna go to laos, so i want to prepare everything before i go.

and i got a new gmail account extra for this,

my domains for the money making:

Thats a lot of work for 1 person, if somebody reads this, your help is more then welcome, with 50/50 profit share.

So, till next day